About Us

Shenzhen Mine Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech corporation with high reputation and recognition, specialized in research and developing multimedia application technology, also dedicated in video capturing, image processing, video converting, transmission technology.Providing high-tech video processing products whilst providing technology solutions with comprehensively service to customer

Along with concept of quality priority and customer-orientated, providing high quality product, outstanding service, Mine Tech is dedicated on quality, strived to be professional and service global customers

Major products:

Ø  USB external graphics, through the external USB display screen can display different desktop task (USB VGA, USB HDMI/DVI);

Ø  Video capture card (external USB video collection box, 7130 capture card, PCI PCI-E data acquisition card, SDI HD collection card /HDMI HD Acquisition card / Android free drive USB acquisition card, streaming media data acquisition card);

Ø  HDMI video converter (AV HDMI, YPbPr color HDMI, VGA HDMI, HDMIVGA, HDMI AV);

Ø  MINE Video Showcase (portable video Showcase, digital desktop video Showcase);

Ø  video converter (Video: PC to TV computer, AV or BNC to VGA, DVI to VGA,VGA to DVI conversion);

Ø  HDMI audio and video signal switcher and dispenser series.

Ø  Encoder/Decoder/IP streaming products