1U Rack Mounted H265 HDMI SDI Video Decoder

- Sep 30, 2019-

Multi-channel 1U rack mounted HDMI SDI video decoder was released lately. It integrates 4 single-channel SDI HD decoders in 1U rack. Support 4 HDMI audio and video output interface, 4 VGA video output, 4 SDI video output and 4 stereo audio output. By H.265/H.264 decoding format, Receiving the TS stream ( HTTP/RTSP /RTMP / UDP / HLS ) from encoders, output resolutions can be setted as needed, max up to 3840*20160@30.

4ch sdi decoder 1U rack

This rack mounted SDI decoder has the advantages of high integration, low cost, and low latency (typically, the delay is 300ms), and can be widely used in various high-definition video systems such as multimedia distribution, digital signage, signal distribution and so on.

Learn more about it, please check detailed specification.

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