Application Of 4K Encoder In Surgical Teaching

- Oct 29, 2019-

4K encoder application-1

In the system of the surgical teaching system and the digital operating room, the 4K ultra HD encoder is responsible for collecting and encoding the video and audio signals in the front-end operating room, synchronously encoding and transmitting them through the network, and providing them to the remote display classroom and the hospital office. So that other doctors who are not in the surgery can learn from the immersive experience.


The communication between the students and the doctors is like the traditional teaching hands-on room-study exchange, which is not limited by the region and space, and fully meets the teaching needs. It solves the shortcomings caused by traditional teaching non-4K, such as: the classroom image is unclear or the detail reduction is not enough, etc. (simultaneously compatible with ordinary high definition), with the increasing number of 4K medical equipment, it is the ideal option for future digital surgical teaching system.

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