HD2130 VGA To HDMI Video Converter

- Aug 30, 2016-

Product Detail

VGA  to HDMI video converter is VGA, Audio(L/R) signal through digital process to HDMI output. So improved the image and sound quality, let VGA signal up to 1080P.

This will bring your to a wonderful visual experience world, please read this manual before using. it will help you make better use or all the features of this converter.

HDMI output solution: 1920*1080

Product Features:

1.No need any software, plug and play

2.All the hardware conversion processing, with images of high definition, good brightness high image quality

3.Support HDMI 1.3 version, automatic detection HDCP

- VGA signal up to HDTV 1080P. 

- HDMI output 1080p@60Hz.

- Audio input to HDMI, can be by 3.5mm micphone output.

- VGA input in same time, switch signal by the button.

Technical Parameters:

1. VGA input


2. HDMI output support : 480p/720p/1080p/60hz

3. Audio input: connect stereo amplifier or headset

4. Power input: DC 5V 600Ma


1.VGA-HDMI converter:(HD2131) * 1Pcs  

2.5Vpower adapter * 1Pcs

3.manual * 1Pcs

4.VGA cable * 1 Pcs

5.HDMI cable(optional)

6.gift box * 1Pcs

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