HDMI Encoder

- Jan 07, 2021-

HDMI Encoder MV-E1007S is a professional HDMI H265 encoder plus HDMI loop out. Streams 1080p video from an HDMI video source to a media streaming server (Wowza, Xtreme Codes, Nginx, etc) or online live broadcast platform (YouTube Live, FaceBook Live, IBM Cloud Video (Ustream), etc) over IP in real time. 


                   HTTP / RTMP / RTMPS / RTSP / UDP / RTP / HLS / SRT / ONVIF

                    Input & Output Max 1080p60fps

1007S h265 hdmi encoder with loop out-2


                                                     Learn more about MINE HDMI Encoder 

h265 hdmi iptv encoder.jpg

              HDMI Encoder POE               (MV-E1005T)

h265 4ch hdmi encoder-4.jpg

          H265 4K HDMI Encoder            (MV-E5001H)

H.265 16ch hdmi 3U rack encoder.jpg

      16 channel IPTV Encoder 3U           (MV-E1005T-16-3U)

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