Hotel IPTV System Live Broadcast Solution

- Nov 30, 2019-

With the rapid development of global economics, the hotel industry has provided more convenient and efficient services for customers in order to reflect international brands and meet the increasing needs of customers. Based on the content provided by the hotel itself, the international hotel IT construction ideas of "digital hotels and broadband rooms" mainly based on hotel informatization and broadband have become the consensus of the star hotel industry. Hotel IPTV system can be placed in guest rooms, lobby, stairwells, floors, conference halls and other LCD displays or LCD TV displays. Watch the video content and video on demand provided by the hotel anytime, anywhere.

IPTV SolutionMINE technology provide various iptv encoder including standalone h264/h265 encoder and multi channel 1U/3U rack mounted encoders.

IPTV Solution advantages

1. Supports digital live broadcast signals, analog live broadcast signals, and IP live broadcast signals.

2. Support multiple formats of video file, picture, text, document, music and other content release.

3. Support the integration of multiple system interfaces and ensures smooth joint debugging.

4, 24 hours unattended, stable operation.

5. Support third-party application push

IPTV system can help the hotel save nearly three-quarters of the TV costs each year, and enrich the hotel's network computer information, making guest get more informative hotel service!

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