IPTV Business Development Mode

- May 06, 2016-

According to three network fusion related policy provides, broadcasting industry and telecommunications industry in cooperation carried out IPTV business of process in the, in broadcasting system internal gradually formed has "unified system, and two level schema" of broadcast control system, in broadcasting industry and telecommunications industry between formed has "broadcasting led, and common cooperation" of operation mode, reasonable both levels broadcasting institutions and broadcasting industry and telecommunications of overall interests. Central radio and television agencies, local broadcasters and telecom operators based on their main business and resources, joint promotion of IPTV business development and extension. As of early February 2013, CNTV has worked with Yunnan, Sichuan, Hunan, Shenzhen, Hebei, Liaoning, Shandong, Beijing, Jiangsu and 9 regional platform operators, telcos IPTV business was signed a tripartite cooperation agreement to further explore the IPTV business development mode in line with Chinese conditions.

In accordance with the business development model, participants actively promoted business related developments. Meanwhile, not only with traditional TV broadcasting, IPTV and VOD services, also the integration of the Internet and communications applications, emphasizing precision communication interaction, and can meet the growing demand for home entertainment and culture. In recent years, IPTV users has steadily increased its scale. The end of 2010, China IPTV users about $ 3 million; the end of 2011, triple pilot commercial trial users to about 3.5 million households as of August 2012, national IPTV subscribers to reach 19 million units, according to statistics from streaming media, by the end of 2012, national IPTV subscribers to reach 23 million households, compared to the larger increase. 2013 1 May, my net increase of 3.108 million IPTV business users, an increase of 46.4%, to 24.851 million.

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