Mine1002-BNC MPEG-4 Avc/H. 264 HDMI Encoder Replace HD Video Capture Card Video&Audio HDMI Input IPTV Video Encoder

- Jul 03, 2016-

Basic Info

Model NO.:E1002-BNCType:TV Front-end Equipment
Function:Signal Transmission EquipmentCertification:CE, RoHS
Style:HDMI Video EncoderUsage:IP Video Encoder
Warranty:1 YearSdk:Have
Output:RJ45 EthernetPackage:Carton Audio Encoder

 8 channels H.264 Hdmi Video Encoder for IPTV, Live Stream Broadcast by RTMP HTTP RTSP for Media Server 3U>

video1 channel HDMI input (version 1.3a) support HDCP
1280×720_50p etc.
encodingH.264/AVC High Profile Level 4.0(HD)
code-rate controlCBR/VBR
GOP typeadjustable
Video Advanced PretreatmentDe-interlacing, Noise Reduction, Sharpening


Encoding formatAAC,MP3
Sampling rateAdaptive and output sampling rate is optional
Sampling accuracy24 bit


Program streamHTTP,UTP,RTSP,RTMP,ONVIF protocol
Control interfaceWEB
upgradingCan be upgrated by internet


Dimension (W× L× H)170*130*30mm     
3U standard chassis3U structure , A 3 u chassis support 16 channel coding plate
Approx weightSingle :0.5KG   3U: 8KG
PowerSingle chassis:12V/DC  3U chassis:AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz
ConsumptionSignal :5W  3U chassis : 80W

V. System settings
  When in WEB control interface, the computer's IP needed be modified as IP 192.168.1.*. the encoder's default IP is
  Reset&Initial: there is a RST on the panel, which can be used for HD video encoder being reseted and initialized. Under condition of power on, keep pressing the RST for 10 seconds ,it will restart, which can make parameters be initialized. Then the IP will be initialized as
  1. Set the IP address as 192.168.1.*   note:* can be any number among 0-254 except 168
  2. Open up IE, input to WEB interface , username: admin  password: admin

Product Description

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