Pro Convert NDI--Make Video To IP So Simple

- Oct 12, 2019-

What is NDI? It is the abbreviation of Network Device Interface, an open ip network device interface protocol

Features: Ultra low latency (almost real time), lossless transmission, two-way control.

NDI Converter makes video efficient and high-quality transmission in IP networks, to a large extent, it has replaced industry-specific connections and transmissions (such as HDMI, SDI, etc).

With NDI encoding, the audio and video signals can be transmitted and received multiple broadcast quality signals in real time through IP network, and have the characteristics of low delay, accurate frame video, mutual recognition and communication of data streams.

Pro Convert NDI devices, your Video-over-IP has never been so simple. The converter accepts a wide range of signals from source equipment including cameras, production workstations, media players, games consoles and more, creating streams that are compatible with the large and growing number of NDI-enabled software applications.

As a new network application, NDI simplifies the construction of the system and the transmission among various signals, which makes the system design, integration, application and maintenance more simple and flexible.

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