Video Encoder Or Video Capture Card For Live Broadcast?

- Jun 30, 2020-

With the rapid development of video networks, video transmission are widely used in Live streaming, education, game, webcast, medical, public utilities, which are inseparable from cameras, video capture cards or encoder.  Are you looking for video encoder or video capture device for live broadcast? The following may help you to make decision.

Video encoder is a video signal compression encoding device that can directly encoding the signal from camera and then can directly push the video to the Internet by RTMP. Because the amount of raw video information data captured by the camera is relatively large, it is not suitable for direct transmission to the Internet. Therefore, video encoder is required to compress the video source and reduce it and then transmit to the server through the network.

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Video capture card can obtain digital video information, and store and play it out. It can also be a video signal compression processing device. However, the video capture card does not have the function of separate encoding and transmission. It needs to connect with computer or laptop, and work together with software such as OBS to achieve live webcasting.

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Video encoders and video capture cards are both audio video capture devices. The main differences:

Video encoder: The video signal is encoded and compressed for network transmission or live broadcast, and then decompressed and received by video decoder.

Video capture card: collect the video signal into the computer for various applications, need the computer to push through the software.

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