HD100-PRO 1 Channels HDMI+DB9 Capture Card

HD100-PRO 1 Channels HDMI+DB9 Capture Card

Basic Info HD Video Capture Cards loop-Through output HDMI,DVI,VGA, Components,AV, S-Video Model: TC542N1-L HDV Product Features ² Capturing HDMI,DVI,VGA, Components,AV, S-Video ² Simultaneous loop-through output HDMI,DVI,VGA, Components,AV, S-Video ² Resolution up to...

Product Details


Real HDMI Digital Interface

It provides HDMI input of highest quality, and meets the HDMI 1.3 standard. It satisfies the 1080p resolutions and can capture the LPCM audio signals in HDMI. Compared with DVI, the HDMI interface has a smaller size and the longest transmission distance can reach 30 meters.

Compatible with 1080p Full HD Input Signals

The HD input video signal can reach 1080p/60Hz, and the resolution can reach 1920×1080 with the frame rate at 60Hz. It will bring you extraordinary experience of high-quality video and audio. It is compatible with other downward HD formats, and has a powerful universal property.

High-quality Connection of Analog Signals

By the accessory switching cable, various analogy interfaces are available. It is easy and simple to connect analog devices. You can connect to various kinds of analog video and audio devices. It is fully compatible with NTSC or PAL, including component, composite and S-Video as well as analog audio.

Professional Video Standards

You can flexibly select uncompressed video formats from SD PAL/NTSC to real 1080HD. Nowadays the quality can satisfy standards of broadcast, which makes the 1080P HD video conference possible. Contents of high definition will be displayed in high clearness. No matter what you want to display, including video, words, pictures, website, the image is clear and stable, which can satisfy your need to the maximum extent.

Professional Performance

It can automatically detect resolutions and dynamically switch. It can automatically remove black edges and manually set the effective area. It can automatically detect resolutions and dynamically switch. Functions like high-quality image scale, motion-adaptive de-interlace, the switch of color space, Gamma adjustment, and effective DMA transmission will be done in FPGA which can help release CPU and users can use CPU to do other work.

Low Cost and High Performance

HD100 is a professional product with small size. The length is just 2/3 of similar products, but is super stable when it works continuously. Such a video capture card, small but powerful, is very cost-effective. HD100 is your best choice. Support linux.

Multiple Applications can Capture at the Same Time

It has the function of SimuStream. You can use multiple applications to capture one single signal source, and each channel of HD100 will not lower the frame rate or affect the working efficiency.

Easy Hardware Update

It adopts MINE exclusive video processing engines, and it is highly flexible. You update MINE processing engines by firmware and driver update without replacing the hardware. It can achieve the result of hardware update even if the chips remain unchanged. It largely reduces the cost of maintenance and succeeds in providing perfect service

Product Feature:

*1 HDMI video signal or 1 SD video signals and 1 analog audio signal.

*1080p/60 Hz for HDMI video signal input.

*Support capturing HDMI DVI、Y/Pb/Pr signals.

*Capture HDMI LPCM audio signal.

*Microsoft AV Stream standard driver,supports majority multimedia or streaming software on Windows.

*Super small size:99.77mmx68.88mm,Low-Profile standard。



1.       For property protection, this card should not be used in capturing blue ray machine signals.


Advanced features

*High quality DMA transaction.

*Available signal switched resources:  DVI/HDMI,Y/Pb/Pr.

*HDMI input side is compatible to CVBS and S-terminal input.

*HDMI input supports automatic observation on video formats, video valid district and VGA capturing.

*HDMI input’s customized valid district picture function could be used in picture clipping and special format signal’s adjustment.

*HDMI input supports zoom function.

*Supports self-adaptive equalizer.

*Hardware color transform can output RGB24,RGB32,YUY2,UYVY,I420 color formats.

*HDMI input supports color adjust function to set video contrast, light, color, color saturation, color hue and Gamma.

*Firmware upgradable。

Product Standard


99.77mm x68.88mm

Interface& Board format

PCI-Express x1, Low Profile, 200MB/s

Input interface


1 DB9 (YPbPr, S, CVBS, 1 analog audio signal)

Maximum sampling rate

CVBS54MHz (4x Oversampling)


Onboard memory

128MB DDR2 160 Mhz 32bit

Y/Pb/Pr output format


DVI input format


HDMI input format

HDMI 1.3 standardsupport 36bit DeepColor

CVBS input format


HDMI output format

Size40x30-2048x1536frame per second 1-100 fpscolorYUY2, UYVY, RGB24, RGB32, I420

Standard output format

Size: 176 x144-768 x576, frame per second: 1-30 fps, color: YUY2, UYVY, RGB24, RGB32, I420

Operating system support

Support the below OS x86 and x64:

Windows® XP Professional,

Windows® Server 2003,

Windows Vista®,

Windows® Server 2008

Windows® 7

Windows® Server 2008 R2

Power requirements

<= 8W

Operating temperature





Relative humidity




1.         PCI-Express host the actual transmission bandwidth and a computer motherboard chipsets and related value may be lower than written here.

2.         Actual output frame rate is limited by the bandwidth of PCI-Express interface transfer, and it may be lower than set value.

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