HD887C HDMI Video Capture Card

HD887C HDMI Video Capture Card

PCI-E HDMI capture card real support 720P/1080P@30fps
Part number: HD887C

Product Details

HD887C HDMI Video Capture Card


professional PCI-E HDMI capture card real support 720P,1080P@30fps 

support VLC,FMLE,muilt cards 1CH PCI-E HDMI capture card up to 1080P@30fps,1.4 HDMI


Blu-ray HDMI Capture Card with HDMI1.4 port,  completely support Blue-ray standard, full HD Video and Audio capture and playback. By HD887 , you can capture HDMI,SDI signals without limitation


1. Support:Windows XP SP2 and above(32 / 64bit) Windows 7 (32 / 64bit) Windows 2003

2. Port:PCI Express x 1

3. Accessories: HD887,CD-ROM(Honestech DVR2.5Manual),support hd887 card

4. Save Format:MPEG2,MP4(264),MOV(H264)

5. Video format:480P,720P,1080i,1080p

6. System inquiry:

System OS:Windows XP SP2 above(32 / 64bit) Windows 7 (32 / 64bit) Windows 2003,windows server 2008, windows server 2012.

CPU: Core 2 Duo E7200 2.53GHz above

Memory: 1GB RAM above

VGA Card: 128MB¡¡DirectX 9.0 above

GPU: NVIDIA Geforce 8XXX above

ATI Radeon HD 4XXX above

HDD: 1GB and above

7. Solution:

1920*1080p- 30FPS

1920*1080i- 60FPS

1280*720p- 60FPS

720*480p - 60FPS

720*480i - 60FPS

8. Application:                                           

PS3,Xbox 360,Digital camera,Webcam,blue-DVD, video conference, Medical field

image equipment PC HDMI output capture, SET TOP box, Xbox 360 and digital camcorders.

9. 1080p @30fps for more field 30fps for better with the dynamic capturing.(PS3 content with 1080i be ok)


HDMI 1.4 input

HDCP: 1.3

Compatible: with DirectshowSupport hard software ovelay preview function

Compatible software player:X2,X4,potplaer ,DVR2.5, Flash player and so on

Windows 7/XP WDM driver


HD887C,CD-ROMsupport hd887C card

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