E1005S-W 1 CH H.265 SDI input Video Encoder with WIFI

E1005S-W 1 CH H.265 SDI input Video Encoder with WIFI

H.265 SDI video encoder It adopts newest efficient H.265 SDI digital video compressed format, which is stable and reliable, with high definition, lower bit rate, and lower latency. The HD SDI signal input will be encoded and compressed by DSP chip, and will output standard TS streaming. This...

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H.265 SDI video encoder

H.265 SDI Encoder Users Manual  


SDI Encoder is a hardware device that independently developed by ShenZhen MINE technology and used for high-definition video signal (720P / 1080P, etc.) encoding and network transmission, using the latest and high-efficient high-definition digital video compression technology H.265, with the characteristics of reliable, high-definition, low bit rate and low latency. Input the SDI high-definition video signal to conduct the encoding process, after compression processing of DSP chip, output the standard TS network stream, the launch of product fills the gap in this industry, which is a direct replacement for the traditional capture card or software coding method, using hard-coded, the system is more stable, and image quality is more perfect, which can be used in a wide variety of needs for high-definition video and high-resolution and high frame rate acquisition-based IP network transmission, its powerful scalability makes it more easily to respond to the needs of different industries and can be used as live video encoder. Industrial controlled, precision design, small size, easy installation, the power is less than 5W, which is more energy and more stable.


1) Power input ----- 12V / DC input , using 12V1A power supply, if it is 5V input, chose 5V / 2A.

2) Initialization button------it is used to reset the device, when turned on, press and hold for 10 seconds, the device IP will back to factory IP,

3) HD video input ------ it is used for SDI signal input.

4) 1000M network port ------ 1000M Ethernet interface.

5) Status indication ------- if there is internet connection, the display light is on, when there is no network, the light is off. At reset, if the light is not on after 10 seconds, the device is restarted.

6) Power indication--- to indicate if the power is normal








1280×720_50p, etc





Rate Control


GOP type


Video preprocessing

De-interlacing, noise reduction, sharpening


Encoding formatAAC、MP3Sampling rateself-adaptionBit rate32K,44.1K,48K,64K,96K,128K,160K,192KSampling accuracy24 bitCode rate64Kb/s~384Kb/s




RJ451000M internet accessHead streamHTTP,UTP,RTSP,RTMP,ONVIF protocalConfiguration interfaceWEB operation interfaceUpgradeThe software can be upgraded through internet




Size(width x length x height)  165*85*24mm     WeightSingle set 0.3KG   Temperature Range-20~60℃(working),-20~80℃(storage)Power supply12V/1ADC Power consumption5W/1 channel



Step 1: Reset & initialization

Input the power supply to turn on encoder and hold a pin to press RST on the encoder for 10 seconds, it will be restarted and initialized. The default Route IP of dash board is after initialization. 

Step 2: Change the administrators computer IP (in case of WIN 7)

Set the administrators computer IP as : 192.168.0.* to avoid IP conflicting with dashboard IP (mark * numbers range will be 0-254 except 31 )

Step 3: Login Dash board in IE

Enter in URL address,

Default user Name: admin  

Default password: admin



Screenshot of setting :


As HD encoder for IPTV 

Digital HD/SD streaming sever. 

Video conference 

Replace HD Video Capture Card 

Hotel cable TV system

live and recording broadcast for operating room.

live and recording broadcast for education

Digital HD live and recording broadcast for courtroom.

Access to network monitoring platform, support recording broadcast

encoder application.jpg

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